When I Loved the Sun

Each day
I loved the sun more
She’d brighten my morning
Yet I feared her day
Scorching my tongue
Searing my soul
I could never escape
Craving her heat
Bracing for damage
And she’d burn me down
Each day


Electronics usage: Tech and YouTube

Tech is not a babysitter.  Kids lack connection after being on technology.  They have a troubling and addictive interaction with devices and content.

Here is my compilation of rules based as usual on annoying and rude non-compliance.

Electronics Use Privileges

  • Ask first
  • Weekly homework/schoolwork/room must ALWAYS be done first
  • 30 minutes and then a break
  • Maximum 1-2 hours a day
  • Stop 60 minutes before bedtime as recommended by doctors

Safety First!!

  1. Volume not up too high even with earphones (protect your ears)
  2. Neck in proper position-straight up and down (protect your neck)
  3. Take a break every 15 minutes (protect your eyes)
  4. Can only go in the Rachel play areas alone (cannot go ANYWHERE else)
  5. Other areas must ask & sit next to Mom or Dad

Rules of usage

  1. If you have a bad attitude while using the electronic, you must do a re-do AND you will not be allowed the electronic for 24 hours
  2. Do not wake up and go to the electronic item
  3. No electronics at mealtime or bedtime
  4. If Mom or Dad asks for the electronic, you must give the electronic to Mom or Dad QUICKLY
  5. If asked to take OFF the earphones, , you must take OFF the earphones on QUICKLY and listen
  6. If asked to put the earphones ON, you must put the earphones on QUICKLY
  7. ALWAYS use the earphones in the car
  8. If you use the electronic in the car, DO NOT FORGET to hide the electronic or ask Mommy or Daddy to hide it
  9. Do not steal or use other people’s headsets without asking and returning


  • Electronics will not be available
  • No electronics for a day or more
  • No electronics during the school week
  • No electronics during the weekend
  • Other to be determined


  • Contract
  • Regular family meetings for what’s working and what’s not


“Addiction is manifested in any behavior that a person craves, finds temporary relief or pleasure in but suffers negative consequences as a result of, and yet has difficulty giving up. In brief: craving, relief, pleasure, suffering, impaired control. Note that this definition is not restricted to drugs but could encompass almost any human behavior, from sex to eating to shopping to gambling to extreme sports to TV to compulsive internet use: the list is endless.

I’m not going to ask you what you were addicted to,” I [Gabor Mate] often say to people, “nor when, nor for how long. Only, whatever your addictive focus, what did it offer you? What did you like about it? What, in the short term, did it give you that you craved or liked so much?” And universally, the answers are: “It helped me escape emotional pain… helped me deal with stress… gave me peace of mind… a sense of connection with others… a sense of control.

Not a choice or disease but an attempt to solve a problem – pain.  Why the pain?

….And the source of pain is always and invariably to be found in a person’s lived experience, beginning with childhood. “

Play and Play Date Activities and Rules

Outside Playdates

  • Get the parents number
  • Call don’t text so you know it is them
  • Ask to meet them before allowing your kid to go.
  • Ask if there are guns in the house. If so, ask how they are stored.
  • ALWAYS require an invitation from the parents….not the child.
  • We always insist on meeting face to face with each kid and every parent.
  • Have sustained chats about supervision and what they think is the best way to deal with teenagers who want to experiment.

Things to do when Kiddo is bored or for play date activities at your home.

Some House Rules – There may be more…. Ask first [and wait for an answer] if you are not sure.

  • Be nice to each other, respect the rules, and make good choices for a fun playdate!
  • Must not be in trouble the day before and that day for a playdate to happen.
  • Safety first.
  • Fun for everyone.
  • Be respectful, kind and considerate of each other
  • Aim for equal or similar. Or choose another activity
  • Do use indoor voices. Not too loud. No screaming
  • Do stay in the bedroom and common areas
  • Do keep bedroom door open. NO CLOSED DOOR.
  • Do walk down the stairs. No running in the house. No racing, running, sliding or pushing
  • Clean up activities as you go. Put things away back in original places grouped together.
  • Do not waste things.
  • No water play without permission.
  • No going into Parent’s bedroom or Office/Sewing Room
  • No food in bedroom without permission. Usually water, oranges and popcorn will be approved
  • No undressing together. Use the bathroom to change.
  • No being mean or rude or name calling
  • No opening refrigerators, cabinets, boxes, drawers and closets without asking first.
  • No trading or giving away stuff.
  • No jumping on beds or climbing on furniture.
  • No going into the garage without permission.
  • Friends – Respect Kiddo’s stuff. Kiddo is in charge of her room and the stuff she wants to play with.  Please ask her first if it’s okay.


  • These are ideas only
  • *Activities with a star need some supervision and may have more requirements
  • Some of these things can be done together at the same time for even MORE fun (but also MORE mess to clean up).
  • Some activities may be no go that day
  • Try to find 3 things each that you BOTH would like to do today and trade off.
  • Be open to ALL ideas.
  • Take turns.
  • Guest goes first.


Shopkins Adventures
Stuffed Animal Family, Rearrange
Tiny Doll House Dolls

Playacting/Drama Ideas
Dance make up
Beauty salon
Jewelry store
Nail salon* (bathroom only, some supervision required)
Pet Hospital/Veterinarian
Tea Party

Dress Up/Costumes
Super heroes

Build Stuff
Marble Towers
Mi Store Candy Shop
Mi Store Justice

Crazy dance contest
Dancing party
Lip synch practice
Listen to CDs and draw
Sing Along Frozen
Watch a movie and make lanyards

Coloring books
Drawing cartoon books
Hand knitting
Jewelry maker beads
Lanyard maker
Sand Art*
Write a joke book
Write a story and drawing pictures
Writing a book

Possible Outside activities
(if the weather is right. proper clothing/shoes must be worn)
Bouncy balls
Hula Hoops
Jump Rope
Nail salon
Sand art


  • Jewelry
  • Make up

Very Special Activities (Only with advance planning and best best behavior)
Easy Bake Oven
Frozen yogurt or similar
Go to park
Make cupcakes
Rockin Jump
Take a walk*




I hate slime.  It’s useless non-edible baking.

Kids love slime.  It’s sensory and science.

Here is my rules wishlist for slime users.  Keep in mind that rules come about and are started because someone has violated sensible use to begin with.

A Certified Slimeologist

A professional and Certified Slimeologist promises to follow a Code of Ethical Behavior for Responsible Play, Use, & Disposal of Slime & which includes:

  • Ask parents and adults first
  • Do not waste supplies
  • Do not steal supplies
  • Do not lie about slime
  • Know when and when NOT to play with slime
  • Know where and where NOT to play with slime
  • Understand the cost of slime materials and how to earn the money to keep making slime
  • Proper and careful set-up of the work space before making slime
  • Know what to wear and what not to wear
  • Follow the rules of slime in the house, car, garage and the world
  • Can make small quantity nearly fool proof slime recipes
  • Know how to properly and safely dispose of old slime
  • Consider how slime is good or bad for the environment
  • Can do EXTREME clean up (NOT Parent’s responsibility)

A good Slimeologist also

  • Knows examples of what happens to stuff that does not get cleaned after playing with slime
  • Knows [and fears] examples of what happens to kids who do not follow the follow the Code of Ethical Behavior for Responsible Play, Use, & Disposal of Slime